Coffee Stout - Each Beast A God

Coffee Stout - Each Beast A God

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Each Beast A God is our double stout with coffee. Brewed with oats and a variety of dark malts, this beer is our base for experimenting with different coffees and adjuncts.

This version features a heavy dose of Costa Rica natural Geisha coffee from our friends @morningroastinc.

Geisha coffee is known for its incredible flavour profile: floral, fruty with notes of chocolate and jasmine. For being the most expensive coffee at auctions, it shines in this beer. This is our favourite version of EBAG.

We taste complex earthy and fruity notes that intermingle beautifully with the chocolate flavours that come from our stout. To layer as much complexity into the beer as we could, we added both a cold brew concentrate and whole beans to the beer after fermentation.

The end result is a rich, complex stout into which we put a lot of pride, passion and consideration. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed making it.

8.5% ABV, available in 473mL cans. Serve at 14C or warmer for more aroma and flavour. 13% sales tax extra.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations:  Classic egg breakfasts and rich chocolate desserts including brownies, chocolate muffins and cake, blue cheese.

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