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Double Coffee Stout - Each Beast A God (Ethiopian Natural Gori Geisha) tall can

Imperial Coffee Stout | 8.5% Alc./Vol. | 473mL can

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Each Beast A God is our 8.5% double stout with coffee from our good friends @morningroastinc and is one of our favourite beers we make. 

This batch was conditioned on an exceptional Ethiopian Natural Gori Geisha coffee.

With "natural process" coffee, the beans are fermented without removing the fruit of the cherries. This imparts a lot more fruit complexity and changes the flavour profile significantly. If you still have the "Washed" Gori Geisha EBAG we released last year, this would be a great way to compare and taste the difference in this "Natural" version.

If you still have any cans of the Washed Gori Geisha EBAG we released last year, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy them side-by-side to compare and taste the difference the Natural process makes in the coffee flavour profile.


  • abv 8.5%
  • format 473mL can
  • grains Wheat, Oats, Barley
  • hops Magnum
  • style Imperial Coffee Stout
  • unit size Individual


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Tasting Notes

The purple grape realm we enjoyed in the Washed version is deeper here, wider and more complex revealing additional flavours of blackberry and Black Forest Cake. The coffee presence is massive with the overall effect reminding us of a rich cold brew.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations

Brookside blueberry chocolates, Classic egg breakfasts and rich chocolate desserts including brownies, chocolate muffins and cake, blue cheese.

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