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The easiest way is to buy here online. We'll get your order ready for you and you can pick it up anytime during our open hours. This is the most efficient option and online orders placed during our open days are fulfilled immediately. There's also the option to buy our beers 'in person' at our brewery bottle shop.


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Pick up online orders any time during our open hours (Monday-Wednesdays 9-5 (bottle shop only) then Bottleshop and Taproom on Thursdays 3-9, Fridays noon-9, Saturdays 11-9, Sundays 11-7). If you need a different pick-up time, please email us and we'll arrange something that works for you. If someone else (19+) is picking up for you, please "View Cart" when ordering and add a note with their name so we know to release it to your authorized person.

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Choose Ontario-wide shipping (no PO boxes) when ordering on our website if you can't make it out to pick up at our brewery. We charge flat-rate $15 up to a case for most Ontario addresses and then $5 for each additional case. For addresses further out we charge a little more. In all cases, we charge less than it costs us. 19+ ID required upon delivery so someone of age needs to be there to receive this alcohol.

On Mondays we pack up shipping orders to go out with the most cost effective courier availble for your address. You'll either get an email or text from the courier with a tracking link or their ETA. For addresses in urban centres, the courier will text/email on delivery day with their ETA. For addresses a little further out, you'll get an email with a tracking link.

Reminder you can always see what was chosen (or defaulted) in your confirmation email.

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Tap Room

Come join us in our taproom for a beer! This is our production facility so you can even catch a glimpse of us brewing on brew days and see where all the magic happens. Our space is filled with conversation pieces and art inspired by our beer labels. The soundtrack is energetic and heavy with our favourite songs that match the vibe of our beer label artwork.

We have 12 taps flowing with a nice spread of styles (pilsner, New England-Style IPAs, stouts). We offer 16oz, 12oz (depending on the style) and 4oz pours so you can figure out what you like before committing to a full pour. We also have can & bottle pours available from selections in our bottle shop that you can enjoy here in the taproom.

We have light snacks available but feel free to order/bring food in!

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Fresh Takes

Tasting Notes

We’re all out of these IPAs... But you might still have some. How’s it drinking now?

  • Hazy IPA - 4-pk of "Ghost Ship" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-10-18| Last Tasted: 2023-11-13

    Drinking Well

    It's a silky smooth and creamy beer with notes of honey-drizzled nectarines, field berries and white wine!

    Food Pairing: Chicken breasts with roasted red peppers

    Hazy IPA - 4-pk of "Ghost Ship" tall cans
  • Double IPA - 4-pk of "Mortals Dance In Defiance Of The Dark" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-10-11| Last Tasted: 2023-12-03

    Drinking Well

    It's soft and drinkable with a lovely, full body. We get notes of creamsicle and peach. The Simcoe brings some stone fruit that balances out the tropical notes from the Nelson.

    Food Pairing: Shrimp, zucchini & pea risotto.

    Double IPA - 4-pk of "Mortals Dance In Defiance Of The Dark" tall cans
  • IPA - 4-pk of "Season Of Evil" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-10-04| Last Tasted: 2023-11-12

    Drinking Well

    We get super smooth and juicy notes of tangerine, peach and pineapple.

    Food Pairing: Creamy lemon tortellini.

    IPA - 4-pk of "Season Of Evil" tall cans
  • Hazy IPA - 4-pk of "Conjuration 20" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-09-20| Last Tasted: 2023-10-31

    Still Drinking Well

    We taste a melange of tropical and citrus fruit!

    Food Pairing: Great on its own so far...

    Hazy IPA - 4-pk of "Conjuration 20" tall cans
  • IPA - 4-pk of "Waiting For Things To Die" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-09-13| Last Tasted: 2023-11-05

    Drinking Well

    We get juicy notes of kiwi, apricot and nectarines!

    Food Pairing: Spiced shrimp and sesame noodles, miso-maple glazed salmon with rice and bok choy.

    IPA - 4-pk of "Waiting For Things To Die" tall cans
  • Quadruple IPA - 4-pk of "Separation Rage" tall sleek cans no

    Canned: 2023-09-06| Last Tasted: 2023-11-19

    Drinking Well

    We get huge notes of sweet, canned pineapple, tropical fruit, citrus rind and pine. The back-end bitterness balances out the front-end sweetness for a lovely tropical joyride!

    Food Pairing: Steak, Fried chicken drizzled in bourbon barrel aged honey.

    Quadruple IPA - 4-pk of "Separation Rage" tall sleek cans no
  • Quad IPA - 4-pk of "Quadruple Den Of Thieves" 473mL cans

    Canned: 2023-08-30| Last Tasted: 2023-10-03

    Drinking Prime

    It has intense aromatics of tangerine and mandarin orange and tastes like straight orange juice.

    Food Pairing: Aged gouda, BBQ'd steak, portobello mushroom dishes, sesame cod on fresh noodles, poppyseed kale salad, chocolate muffins.

    Quad IPA - 4-pk of "Quadruple Den Of Thieves" 473mL cans
  • Double IPA - 4-pk of "We Are Each Other" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-09-06| Last Tasted: 2023-11-03

    Drinking Well

    It's ultra-smooth and effortless to drink with juicy notes of fresh berries and honey-drizzled stone fruit.

    Food Pairing: Triple creme brie, taleggio, Seared steak with spicy salsa verde.

    Double IPA - 4-pk of "We Are Each Other" tall cans
  • IPA - 4-pk of "Fear The Unseen" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-08-23| Last Tasted: 2023-10-22

    Still Drinking Well

    We get loads of juicy mango and stone fruit from the hops in this one!

    Food Pairing: BBQ Spicy Pineapple Chili Top Sirloin Steaks

    IPA - 4-pk of "Fear The Unseen" tall cans
  • Double IPA - 4-pk of "The Dead Of Summer"

    Canned: 2023-08-09| Last Tasted: 2023-10-22

    Still Drinking Well

    It’s got a big, creamy body and tastes like freshly squeezed OJ.

    Food Pairing: Tiger shrimp over sweet & sour noodles or Spanish-style Pil Pil Shrimp or homemade whole wheat pizza with mozzarella and fresh basil or mushroom & Parmesan perogies.

    Double IPA - 4-pk of "The Dead Of Summer"
  • IPA - 4-pk of "Traveller (Summer)" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-08-09| Last Tasted: 2023-10-09

    Drinking Well

    We get a fresh bounty of red ripe fruit including strawberries and raspberries and fresh gummy worms FTW!

    Food Pairing: BBQ Spicy Pineapple Chili Top Sirloin Steaks

    IPA - 4-pk of "Traveller (Summer)" tall cans
  • IPA - 4-pk of "Observation (Tango)" tall cans

    Canned: 2023-08-02| Last Tasted: 2023-10-18

    Still Drinking Well

    It's a fine dance between sweet juice and dank, ripe fruit with huge notes of dank pineapple, passion fruit and strawberry.

    Food Pairing: Cheeseburgers, cheesy ground beef tacos.

    IPA - 4-pk of "Observation (Tango)" tall cans

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Here are Ontario bars, restaurants and bottle shops that carry our beer. Give them a call to see what they currently have available:

Beertown Barrie
The Wheeled Brew
Small Scale Bread
Brewer's Pantry
Sociable Kitchen & Tavern
Beertown Burlington
The Poacher
Beertown Public House Cambridge
Gator's Tail Pub & Grill
Beertown Etobicoke
Outpost Bottle Shop
Beertown Guelph
The Wooly Pub
The Brain
Durand Coffee
Moon Café & Craft Beer
Kingston Brewing Company
Arabella Park Beer Bar
Beertown London
Milos' Craft Beer Emporium
The Eighth Note
Ellena's Cafe & Pantry
Hungry Brew Hops
The Sticks Craft Beer Bar
Beertown Oakville
Bar Lupulus
Bier Markt Ottawa
The Cheshire Cat Pub
Corner Bar and Grill
North Market Cafe + Catering
McThirsty's Pint
Kully's Original Sports Bar
Cookie Bar Strathroy
Hardrock42 Gastropub
416 Snack Bar
Birreria Volo
Bevi Birra Junction
High Park Club
The Rhino Bar & Grill Inc
Bottega Volo
Trinity Common
Bar Hop Bar
Bar Hop Brewco
Bar Volo
Beertown Toronto
Bier Markt Esplanade
King Taps King Street
WVRST King Street
WVRST Union Station
Bar Hop Session (Danforth)
Beertown Waterloo
Black Hole Bistro
Jane Bond
Sidewalk Beer Shop @ The Princess Cafe
The Cookie Bar
Bevi Birra
Yarker Lucky Dollar

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