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We're All Out of these IPAs...but YOU might still have some. How's it drinking now?

Canned May 5th - Prime Now

"Bell Tree" is a Triple IPA brewed in collaboration with @bellwoodsbeer.

We teamed up with the legends at Bellwoods to make a fun riff on each other's Triple IPA and used some hops we're both loving. Bell Tree is brewed with a hefty dose of oats and hopped with an excessive amount of Citra, Loral and Lotus.

Last tasted: May 27th

This is drinking perfectly right now and will continue to be nice and juicy until at least the end of July. Enjoy this big beer at the end of a session whenever you need just one more.

Canned May 5th - Drinking Well

"Cut Me Down" IPA is the return of our very first beer released, a golden quencher brewed with Columbus and then dry hopped with Sabro and Mosaic!  Citrus flavours abound--the perfect pizza pairing!

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations:  pizza, beef, pub fare.

Last tasted: May 22nd

This is still fairly fresh and is drinking beautifully so no rush on this one.

Canned April 29th - Drinking Well

"A Touch Of Space" is a Double IPA brewed with a large amount of malted oats and generously hopped with Citra, Nelson Sauvin and Mosaic.

It's soft and smooth as silk. We get tangerine, orange creamsicle and stone fruit with a touch of grapefruit bitterness on the finish to balance everything together. And you won't taste the ABV at all.

Last tasted: May 20th

This has lots of life in it and will continue to drink well for several more weeks so enjoy at your leisure.

Canned April 14th - Drinking Well

"Love Lies Bleeding (Red)" IPA is the latest iteration in the series showcasing Ontario-grown hops. In addition to Sabro hops, this batch is brewed with Chinook hops from @vqhfarms in Eden, Ontario. We taste guava, pineapple and naval orange with a piney backbone.

Last tasted: May 20th

This is still drinking well and will do so for a few more weeks so no point in waiting any longer--enjoy now.

Canned April 14th - Still Drinking Well

"Conjuration 5" is the first pale ale we've ever made. We've hopped it with Nelson Sauvin, Lotus, Cashmere and Mosaic. This is the grapefruit right here; like a big ol' glass of Red Ruby grapefruit juice.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: chicken pot stickers, dumplings 

Last tasted: May 22nd

This is still drinking well strictly because we packed so much hops into it. Don't wait on it, drink this gem asap before it starts to fall off.

Canned April 7th - Drinking Well

"Ripple" is a double IPA we brewed with Citra, Ella and Nelson Sauvin hops using the exact same recipe from Wood Brothers Brewing Company of their Ripple Double IPA.

It's juicy and has that signature Wood Brothers creamy mouthfeel from a complex grain bill.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: BLT, beef BBQ’d ribs

Last tasted: May 7th

This is still juicy and girthy so enjoy it as you like. It will continue to drink well for several more weeks.

Canned April 7th - Still Drinking Pretty Well

"Triple Milk Bone" is a twist on our Bone Tree line of Citra-hopped IPAs.

This version is hopped exclusively with Citra hops and brewed with lactose for a creamier body and mouthfeel. We hit this milky behemoth with substantial amounts of Citra, Citra incognito and Citra Cryo for a full saturated hop bomb effect. 

We get huge waves of citrus, tropical fruit and honeydew melon covered in icing sugar. Full bodied and silky smooth, this offers very easy drinking despite the high ABV.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendation: Crispy Shrimp Tacos with kimchi mayo & watermelon radish salad

Last tasted: May 8th

This is drinking very well after a month and will continue to drink well for likely a couple months more. Enjoy at your leisure.

Canned March 31st - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

"Den Of Thieves" is an IPA featuring an equal amount of Citra and Simcoe hops. Juicy with a soft mouthfeel and balanced bitterness, we taste mango, honeydew melon and tangerine. 

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: poutine, portobello mushroom dishes, sesame cod on fresh noodles in a white wine cream sauce, poppyseed kale salad.

Last tasted: May 13th

This is starting to lose its shine but is still pretty delicious so prioritize any you still have left.

Canned March 18th - Still Drinking Well

"Conjuration 4" is the fourth iteration in a series of experimental IPAs to be used as a playground to try out different things, from hops to dry hopping methods to water and everything in between.

We brewed up a 10% Imperial Black IPA with a bunch of rye and hopped it with Mosaic, Citra and Columbus. Expect a big, fruity chocolate ride with a bit of malt complexity on the finish.

Last tasted: April 28th

Black IPAs age more gracefully than regular IPAs so this will drink well for several more weeks. It will continue to lose the hop punch but the dark chocolate will still be there so use this information to decide how much longer you want to hold it. I only have one can left myself!

Canned March 10th - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

"Double Dry Hopped Vistas Of Truth IPA" is a double dry hopped version of our Vistas of Truth IPA. It's a well-rounded IPA brewed with barley and oats and hopped generously with El Dorado and Citra.

A fluffy meringue head forms on the top as you pour it into your glass. We taste melon and papaya followed by a mix of peach pit and candied citrus.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: beef smash burgers with green peppercorn sauce, salmon cooked the way you like it.

Last tasted: May 8th

The fruit content is waning by now but it's still somewhat dank and sticky. Drink up before it evolves further as there is no reward for waiting any longer.

Canned March 3rd - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

"Double Continuous Blood" is the double IPA version of our Continuous Blood IPA made with barley, oats and hopped exclusively with a boatload of Galaxy hops.

It's got a fluffy head, a creamy mouthfeel and is jam-packed with juicy peach and mango flavours. There's a PEZ candy hint to it that is balanced by a firm bitterness on the finish. 

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: enchiladas, penne primavera, steak, grainy mustard aioli, roasted Brussels sprouts and beet salad. Spinach salad with crispy leeks and pistachio-lemon vinaigrette.

Last tasted: April 23rd

This is losing its shine though still fairly juicy. Enjoy it now while you still can!

Batch 5 canned Feb 24th - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

Bone Tree has become one of our flagship IPAs here and we feel each batch is getting even better as we go.

Hops: 100% Citra

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: aged cheddar (stronger the better), spiced beef and flatbread

Last tasted: April 10th

This beer defies logic with how good it tastes even months old but don't use that as a reason to keep them around. Drink up knowing we have a fresh batch coming out very soon.

Canned Feb 24th - Declining

"Triple Blood Dimmed Tide" is the long awaited triple version of the first Double IPA we ever brewed here at Third Moon, Blood Dimmed Tide. It's brewed with Citra, Citra incognito, Mosaic and Idaho 7 hops at an absurd rate. 

We get a huge blast of orange and cantaloupe with a dank underbelly. It's very easy drinking in spite of the high ABV.

Last tasted: April 10th

This is showing its age now so search the back of your fridge and drink up any you still have right away.

Canned Feb 17th - Declining

"Upon Us" is an IPA hopped liberally with Nelson Sauvin and Cashmere.

We get huge waves of white wine, lychee and gooseberry. It's smooth and juicy with a big body from the large amount of oats in the grist.

Last tasted: April 27th

This is still delivering all of the original flavours with just a little less kick from the Nelson Sauvin as it's starting to mellow out now. Drink up now while there's still some bounty to be had.

Where else can you find our beer?

Here are Ontario bars, restaurants and bottle shops that carry our beer (in alphabetical order). Give them a call to see what they currently have available:

- 4th & 7 Bottle Shop in Toronto, west end

- Allen's on The Danforth, Toronto

- Arabella Park Beer Bar in Kitchener

- Arvo Coffee in Liberty Village, Toronto

- Bar Hop Bar in downtown Toronto

- Bar Hop Brewco in downtown Toronto

- Bar Hop Session on The Danforth, Toronto

- Bar Lupulus in Ottawa

- Bar Volo in downtown Toronto

- Beerlab! in London

- Beertown (Barrie, Burlington, London, Oakville)

- Bevi Birra in Woodbridge

- Bier Markt (Don Mills, Esplanade, Ottawa)

- Birreria Volo in Toronto

- Boxcar Social in Toronto (Riverside, Summerhill)

- Brew Wizards in Oshawa

- Brux House in Hamilton

- Cheshire Cat Pub in Ottawa

- Collective Arts (Toronto location)

- CRAFT Beer Market (Toronto, Ottawa)

- Culaccino's in Burlington

- Dominion City Brewing Company in Ottawa

- Durand Coffee in Hamilton

- Dylan Bar on The Danforth, Toronto

- Gator's Tail Pub & Grill in Cambridge

- Hardrock42 Gastropub in Sudbury

- Hungry Brew Hops in Newmarket

- Jane Bond in Waterloo

- Limon Restaurant in The Beaches, Toronto

- Kichesippi Brewing Company in Nepean

- Market Brewing in Newmarket

- Maud's Variety in Sarnia

- Merit Brewing in Hamilton

- Milos' Craft Beer Emporium in London

- Old Galt Bottle Shop in Cambridge

- Pressure Drop in Windsor

- Rouge River Brewery in Markham

- Sidewalk Beer Shop in Waterloo

- Sunny Corner Bar in Hamilton

- Thirsty and Miserable in Kensington Market, Toronto

- Toronto Brewing (Geary Ave) in Toronto

- Trust Beer Bar in St. Catharines

- Voodoo Child Cafe & Cocktail Bar in Toronto

- The Wheeled Brew Bottle Shop in Barrie

- The Wooly Pub in Guelph