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We're All Out of these IPAs...but YOU might still have some. How's it drinking now?

Canned Jan 27th - Drinking Well

"Double Milk Bone" is a twist on our Bone Tree line of Citra-hopped IPAs.

This version is brewed with lactose and oats and hopped liberally with Citra and Citra Cryo. it's a creamy, silky juice bomb with huge mango, orange and papaya notes. The sweet kick from the lactose is balanced out by the excessive kettle hopping and dry hopping.

Still drinking well, no immediate rush if you still have some.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendation: Crispy Shrimp Tacos with kimchi mayo & watermelon radish salad

Canned Jan 27th - Drinking Well

"The Dead Of Winter" is a Double IPA brewed brewed with lactose and oats and hopped with a blend of our favourites: Galxy, Mosaic Cryo, Citra and Idaho 7.

The beer is a big, creamy dream that tastes like tropical Galaxy fruit salad in a glass with a bit of a dank backbone.

Still drinking well, no immediate rush to drink any you still have left.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: Ponzu Steaks with Scallion-Peanut Salsa

Canned Jan 14th - Drinking Well

"Love Lies Bleeding (Purple)" IPA is the latest iteration in the series showcasing Ontario-grown hops. In addition to Sabro hops, this batch is brewed with Triple Pearl hops from our friends at Tavistock hop company in Tavistock, Ontario.

It's got that familiar coconut flavour and creamy body that's come to be characteristic of the series but then with some stone fruit and a tropical fruit salad vibe. This beer is highly crushable.

This is still drinking well right now so enjoy at your leisure.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendation: Massaman-style Shrimp Coconut Curry

Canned Jan 6th - Still Drinking Well

O Proud Death is our first Double IPA of 2021 and is brewed with oats and hopped with a plethora of our favourites -- Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, Idaho 7 and Columbus.

We get intense tropical fruit including papaya as well as bright orange juice to go with the big, fluffy body. 

Last tasted: Jan 11th

This is still drinking well but you should drink any you still have left sooner than later.

Canned Dec 23rd - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

"Old Omens" is a 6.5% IPA with a substantial amount of oats and hopped with Galaxy, Cashmere and Lotus.

We taste dense fruit with some festive clementine notes and a hint of honeydew.

Last tasted: Jan 2nd

This is evolving and losing its shine by now so prioritize drinking any you may have left.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: Baja-Spiced Shrimp Tacos, risotto

Canned Dec 9th - Declining

"Atropos" is a Double IPA with Mosaic, Columbus, Idaho 7 and El Dorado hops.

We get huge waves of dank sticky weed mixed with peach and mango coming off of this hop bomb.

Last Tasted: Jan 5th

The juice is fading so drink up if you still have any left kicking around in your fridge.

Canned Nov 25th - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

"Triple Bone Tree" is the long awaited triple version of our Bone Tree IPA brewed exclusively with Citra hops; and a lot of it. Juicy peach and mango are what we taste most. There's a concentrated sweetness that is kept in check by a firm bitter finish. This beer is so smoooove you might think it was just a Double, ha!

Last Tasted: Jan 5th

This beer is made to last but the sweetness is continuing to rise so it's starting to lose its original character.

Canned Nov 25th - Declining

"No One Knows Anyone Anymore" is an IPA made with barley, a heap of flaked oats and flaked wheat and Strata, Citra and Mosaic hops. It was inspired by the way we're all feeling these days. Anyone out there know what we mean? This beer drinks surprisingly light given how much flaked oats and wheat are in it.

Last Tasted: Jan 13th

This beer is starting to lose its shine now so prioritize any you still have.

Canned Nov 18th - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

"Double Love Lies Bleeding (Blue)" is a DDH Imperial version of our popular IPA showcasing Ontario-grown hops

This batch uses a massive amount of beautiful Rakau from @thetavistockhopco in the dry hop. We also added some Sabro, Mosaic and Idaho 7 to compliment the huge tropical fruit that we get from Tavistock's Rakau.

The beer pours extremely hazy with massive mango, tangerine, custard and melon notes and drinks like pure juice.

Last tasted: Jan 13th

After 2 months, it's drinking pretty well though showing some early signs of wear so might as well drink up while the drinking's still good.

Canned Nov 7th - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

We are 'over the moon' about having a tiny bit of Nelson Sauvin hops, one of our absolute favourites to use in this juice monster. We taste mango, melon and Del Monte fruit cup. 

Last tasted: Jan 12th

This is still drinking surprisingly well for its age but it's on borrowed time so drink up as soon as you can.

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Galaxy, Enigma

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: Merlot BellaVitano Cheese (brings the mango out from the hops in the beer), crispy bacon, shrimp linguine, steak on the BBQ

Canned Oct 30th - Still Holding Up, Drink Now

Bone Tree has become one of our flagship IPAs here and we feel each batch is getting even better as we go.

Last tasted: Jan 13th

This latest batch is drinking impressively well in its third month but we recommend you prioritize drinking any you still might have in the fridge.

Hops: 100% Citra

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: aged cheddar (stronger the better), spiced beef and flatbread

Canned Oct 16th - Declining

For this second iteration of our Conjuration series (experimental one-offs), we bumped the ABV up to 7.1%, used Maris Otter as the base malt, then some oats and finally hopped with Topaz, Citra, Mosaic and Amarillo. The colour is a little darker from that cadillac of a malt and it provides a big, luscious body for dank notes of pineapple to dance.

Last tasted: Jan 11th

This is declining now and losing clarity of flavour so drink up with pizza as soon as you get the chance.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: pizza, steak, candied walnuts, garlicky mixed mushroom farro bowls

Canned Oct 7th - Declining

All Citra with 8.5 pounds of hops per barrel (a lot!), this is a robust beer that defies the normal expectations of shelf life.

Last tasted: Jan 13th

This is hanging on but declining so drink up if you still have any.

Hops: 100% Citra

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: BBQ, strong cheeses

Canned Sept 30th - Declining

"Conjuration" is the first iteration in a series of experimental IPAs to be used as a playground to try out different things, from hops to dry hopping methods to water and everything in between.

This one in particular has a heavy amount of oats and was hopped with Ella, Columbus and Vic Secret. It pours extremely hazy and fresh it was exploding with candied tropical fruit, lychee and a hint of pineapple.

Last Tasted: Jan 13th

Quite earthy now, that Vic Secret is doing more of the talking. It's still drinking alright but we recommend prioritizing any you might still have left in your fridge.

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: Harissa & lemon glazed shrimp, Creamy New England-Style Cod Chowder, St. Agur blue cheese, Mushroom ‘Asada’ Tacos

Canned Sept 23th - Declining

In case you were wondering, the deer has the arrow in its teeth and is very much alive and well. Revenge is on its mind though...

This surprisingly still has some juicy fruit to delight your palate though the malt flavour is building providing even more sweetness.

Last tasted: Jan 13th

The flavour is evolving to the point where it's losing its resemblance to the original profile. Drink up if you've still got any.

Hops: 100% Galaxy

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: enchiladas, penne primavera, Mexican shrimp bowl

Canned Sep 15th - This ship has sailed.

"Love Lies Bleeding (Yellow)" is brewed with Sabro hops and also Ontario-grown Centennial hops. We get creamy coconut, pineapple, tangerine and green tea with an assertive yet balanced bitterness.

Last tasted: Feb 10th

You can still tasted a lot of coconut but it's becoming flabby as the structure is now coming apart at the seems. If you still have any, it's a tragedy.

Hops: Sabro, Ontario-grown Centennial

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: shrimp linguine


This is the first beer in which we've used Cashmere hops to give it that luxurious mouthfeel.

When fresh, we tasted Grandma's peach preserves and mango the most in this tropical melange.

Last tasted: Jan 13th

The juice has calmed down quite a bit so it's no longer resembling its original flavour profile. Drink up if you've still got any.

Hops: Galaxy, Idaho 7, Citra, Cashmere

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: BBQ'd steak

Canned Sept 2nd - Declining

We taste all of the mango, honeydew and tangerine from the original Den of Thieves but it's been amped up in this version due to the heavy amount of dry hopping. Everything is coated in dank resin and accompanied by a pillowy, luscious mouthfeel.

Last tasted: Jan 13th

Considering its age, this is still drinking fairly well but sweeter than when fresh. It's a shame if you've still got some hiding in the fridge.

Hops: Simcoe, Citra

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations: aged gouda, steak on the BBQ, portobello mushroom dishes, sesame cod on fresh noodles in a white wine cream sauce, poppyseed kale salad.