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Sparkling Water - 4-pk of "Moon Water (Shirley Temple) tall cans

Sparkling Water | 0% Alc./Vol. | 473mL cans

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"Moon Water (Shirley Temple)" is our third release in our lineup of non-alcoholic sparkling water. A new flavour, a new label, a new format! This is our sparkling water infused with natural flavours of lemon, lime, grenadine and cherry...just like a Shirley Temple! 

It's non-alcoholic and extremely refreshing! Enjoy on its own or use as a mix for your favourite alcohol in a mixed drink! Stay hydrated!


  • abv 0%
  • format 473mL cans
  • style Sparkling Water
  • unit size 4-pack


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Tasting Notes

Super refreshing, this is bursting with all the flavours you taste in this classic mocktail: lemon, lime, grenadine and cherry!

Tested Food Pairing Recommendations

This pairs with just about anything including your favourite hard liquor or mixed drink!

The Best Way to Enjoy Third Moon Beer

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